Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Season!

Hello everyone!!!....A few more days and this year is recap this was a musical success!!

With releases on Quartz Lock Records and Cable Recordings we are hoping for the next year to be even more fruitful. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us this year either by coming to our shows or picking up our releases on any of the download stores. Without you non of this would be possible!!!!

Thank you all very much and have a safe holiday season!!! Meanwhile load up this gadget and dance the holidays away to our drumbeats!!!!

Stay tuned for the next release on original by Quartz People and with remixes from Justin Johnson, Ricardo Pantoja, Alisio Delgado and Kontraband!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hello everyone!!!..We trust you all had a great summer and are ready to get down to business!!!....So to get you into the right spirit of things we have compiled this very special mix!
It is filled with lots of funky grooves and really hypnotizing melodies.

Click HERE to download the Mix!!

Track List

1. Oh Yeah - Yello ( Bodzin & Huntemann Remix)
2. Body Jack - Marc Ramboy, Tommy Sunshine (DJ Delicious Remix)
3. Nkomazi - Jaymee (Original Mix)
4. All Right - Kid Massive, Bass Kleph, Chris Arnott (Bass Kleph Remix)
5. Deep Down - Robert Owens (Chocolate Puma Main Mix)
6. Instant - Claudio Cava (Original Mix)
7. Hey Ya - Bass Kleph (Original Mix)
8. C'est La Vie - Martin Solveig (Martin Solveig Vs. Feddy Le Grand Remix)
9. Istandam - R3hab, Koen Goeneveld (Ahmet Sendil Remix)
10. Gitana - Gabbo (K.R.J. Remix)
11. KNAS - Steve Angello (Original Mix)
12. Whatever Clever - Felguk (Dirtyloud Remix)

Also stop by our WEBSITE to check out the latest release on Quartz Lock Records .Currently featuring Portland. A young artist from Colombia who's release is fully supported buy Dubfire, Chris Fortier, Franco Bianco, Dj Linus, 2000 and One, Sebastian Roya, HalfStereo , Nudisco, Mag Tsugi, Brothers Vibe and Leo Leal to name a few.

Other artist of the label Quartz People, Alisio Delgado and L.O.K.I. Future releases will include remixes from Justin Johnson, Funky Junction and many more!!

All tracks by these artist are available on Beatport , Dance Tracks Digital , Dj Download, DjTunes, junodownload and iTunes

Thank you for your support!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Massacre EP - Black Plug


Das Kamel, dj and audio engineer, Simon Tailor dj and musician, Berryson graphic designer, model and singer and Too-Sick dj and producer.

Their music comes straight from Italy out to the mouths of the world, this quartet is a pumping machine of Rhythms, Intrinsic bass lines and scary melodic lines, revolve the listener into an almost, pornographic atmosphere that leads straight into a fetish of music.

You just have to wait until the 22nd of June 2010 to get it..

Summer Massacre Ep by Quartz Lock Records


Derek Harri (Thunder Bay, Canada)
DJ DiRRty HaRRi / Sonic Music Prod, C2’s / 2 Tone Music
Rating: 8
Comment: solid track, good beats

Pascal B (Scotland, UK)
Colours, Arches, Death Disco..
Comment: “OO is excellent dark techno. Like it.” – 4/5
DJ Mindaugelis (Mindaugas Baciliunas)
Club Exit , Club Global ,
Score: 8
Comments: big techno tune , love it !
d-phrag (Ivan Philipov)
Club Plazma, Plovdiv
Club Plazma, Plovdiv, Immersed,
Score: 9
Comments: evil…OMG, how evil!!! Darkroom music
DHL (Darren rp Lensky)
United States
Special Delivery and eNation Live on enationFM
Score: 8
Comments: Love the bass drop towards the beginning and the sample
Mike King (Traverse City, United States)
Mike King / WNMC, wnmc, sidetraxx
Rating: 7
Comment: Love 0-0, added to my sets.
George G. (George Georgakopoulos)
Devilock Recordings, Free Radio 98.00, Freeze Magazine Greece
Score: 8
Comments: Deep tune

Monday, March 22, 2010

QLR004 Medic! by Quartz People

QLR 004
Quartz People
Medic! EP
Quartz Lock Records

Quartzpeople are an emerging Dutch duo, their new imprint Quartz Lock Records is the mouthpiece for Rafi Levin and Vitor Fernandes, the two veteran artists who comprise Quartzpeople. Their mission is to bring a heavy injection of underground rock attitude and abrasiveness to the dance floor. The two originals on this EP - "A.D.D." and "E.C.G." are filled with chest thumping vibes, skippy beats, and firmly rooted sense of house music bravado similar to the kind found in dusty old jams like "Mentasm" and "Purposemaker".


Corrosive acid stains a track that is laden with tough bass lines and the tightly wound melodies of a late night techno cut. The cut expands through layers of glitchy beats and extended tribal workouts to arrive at a place that recalls the renegade feeling of early techno and EBM. Levin and Fernandes keep the mood dance floor appropriate throughout, focusing on a gentle glide to anchor the maelstrom. There is always this sense, however, that the whole thing could pull the roof down on top of itself in a fit of protracted self-mutilation.


"E.C.G." sounds like a long lost Belgian rave classic brought up to modern standards with ample amounts of the polyrhythmic percussion that dominates today's tracks. Add a menacing bass line that sounds like it was lifted from a sleazy old biker film and a few simple, yet effective, melodic elements and this track is guaranteed to inflict some heavy casualties on the dance floor.


"A.D.D. is my pick, but both tracks are good!" - Mike King / WMNC, Sidetraxx
"Solid track, good beats" - DJ Dirrty Harri / Sonic Music Prod, C2's/2 Tone Music
"Very good track. Dirty and bassy. Should be good in a dark club." - DJ Tonedef / djtonedef
"Nice release! - 4/5" - Dislecto (Ukraine) / radio
"Darkly tech rhythms" - Eryo / Mistique Music, DeepSessions
"8/10" - DJ Mindaugelis - Club Exit , Club Global
"Nice feel to it"- DJ Ming / Arthur Lum Disc Jockey, Triple Crown
"ECG " - 3/5" - s007ii / subRoutine (Canada)


Quartzpeople are Rafi Levin and Vitor Fernandes, they are both currently organizing parties in Amsterdam and bringing a new twist to the electro genre with a heavy dose of discordance and minimalism borrowed from punk. Funky beats with a great drive and array of different environments, themes, and melodies. The ambience is indulgent, drawing listeners in to pleasant movements and sensations on just about any dance floor.

The duo is also proud to announce the new label, Quartz Lock Records, and a string of what are sure to be future dance floor hits from the pair in 2010.

Quartzpeople will also be at this year's Winter Music Conference in Miami to promote the new release and label. Please contact them directly for more information about their schedule at the conference. If you'd like a full copy of the single for review please contact us and we'll be more than happy to provide.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

QLR004 Medic! by Quartz People

Hello everyone....well we are in march and you all know what that means!!!....Thats right, its almost time for Winter Music naturally we put together a banging release just for that occasion!!!!!!!!!!..

..On March 17th Medic! will be available exclusively on Beatport. This release is a perfect blend of uppers and downers mixed together with blood pumping rhythms!

A.D.D. by Quartz Lock Records

E.C.G by Quartz Lock Records

Be sure to stop by our site for more details and pick up our previous releases on Beatport!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Quartzpeople January 2010 Chart!!

and also dont forget to check out our NEW Ep Dualistic in stores NOW!!!!!

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Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello everyone!!!..The time is once again upon us:)....thats right its Release time!!!!!
We are happy to announce our next release Dualistic. This one is will also include a special track on there as well!!!!!

1st track on the EP is Red Light District...well the title says it all....the dark corners of the of the Red Light District sometimes illuminated by Red Lights set a certain mood that is represented in this track. Has a groovy beat and very hypnotizing vocals that will grab a hold of you.
Next is Machine go Green...everybody needs to wake up and stop polluting, a very green track, with glitchy voices and strange ambiences and for the bonus on this EP is End of the Year.. a progressive track that builds and builds all the way to the end...guranteed to move you around!!!

For all of you and for limited time you can preview the tracks on

...ok...and now for February!....We are very happy to announce the release of a dear friend and a great producer Alisio Delgado. ELectrical Signals is a great Techno EP. Both tracks, Electrical Signals and Impulses have been well received in various promo pools and on dance floors across Europe. You can stop by to get a preview of what's to come. Electrical SIgnals will RELEASED FEBRUARY 17TH/2010 at all of your favorite download sites.

Thank you all for the support and stay tuned for lots more music ....
stop by the Quartz Lock Records for the extended list of retailers or just......

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QLR Crew
"...we keep electronic music in sync!!!!"