Friday, February 27, 2009

Some candies if you know what I am saying..

Some of the links for free Audio goodies that I found recently:

if someone has more please help me improve the list! also you can now sync with our blog through RSS feed

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iphone stuff

If you have an iphone you will enjoy this.... for sure

Thursday, February 26, 2009


page with some really nice plug-ins

and some Home Recording tips from a friend of mine: Airway X (checkout is remix of our track Berlin)

Tip 0: Get an SM57! They're not that expensive and very versatile.
Tip 1: Get another SM57! A condenser will easily pick up your room's direct reflections. Bonus: no phantom power required, so you can use any preamp available. Even an old tape deck will do.
Tip 2: Get old matrasses (not the dirty ones) as anti-flutter echo devices.
Tip 3: Get 2 mic stands, a big one and a small one, so you can mic virtually anything.
Tip 4: If you own a laptop, record on that, so you can freely move through the building.
Tip 5: When recording an instrument, spend more time in (fine)tuning it than in micing it.
Tip 6: Build or get a pop screen.
Tip 7: Free plugins
Tip 8: Re-amp your drum recordings in a room and compress it. Mix it back in with the original drum recording.
Tip 9: Start your drum recordings with 2 or 3 mics: kick, overhead and maybe snare. Beef it up with some plate reverb and compress it!

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The show must go on...

Hi Quartzpeople, below you will find some cool videos of what has been going on in Music Industry, now a days.

Be prepared for the party Umbrella- bring the Reign - 10th of March - @ The Winston - Amsterdam. We have a very international line up, featuring a band, Dj´s and Live acts.

Here is the detailed info:

UBRELLA- a new monthly at the infamous Winston Kingdom. Second tuesday every month....some of the freshest and funkiest music we can muster up, featuring new bands, DJ's and the best visuals to hit the scene since Pink Floyd introduced The Wall.
BRING THE REIGN....and your dancing shoes!

locked, cocked and ready to rock!

[ R ] -- Live set
This is an act not to be missed. If you love moving bass lines and sick electro leads...this is what you want. His ability to capture an audience and take them on a journey of musical range that is .

MATT TAKO (Off Key/ phase 2)--Live set
A regular DJ on the underground party scene for a long while now, along with his regular club slots, he has a tendency to play harder, faster, and longer, than the rest. Always the last one to leave a party, slamming funky bass lines, into dark beats, to create the "Evil Circus" sound he is known for.

Rafi Levin and Vitor Fernandes are Quartzpeople, as precise as the Swiss clock movement... Quartpeople synchronize with you in matter of seconds and elevate your hidden sensations.

Visuals by:

Meanwhile checkout some pictures, hear some music, get deep with the blog, attend to the party if you are up to some Fun and Music networking.

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Loudness Wars cool video

go and check the Turn Me Up site to oppose the A&R exec's and end the Loudness War.
All free. (also your choice)

Cubase 5

Slow Tools 8 ;)

Ableton new dynamics

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Creeper Videoclip

One of our Teachers (Joris), while we were in school (SAE Amsterdam), did this video for us. The track behind it was one of the first tracks that Quartzpeople did, with "a little hand" of our friend Sebastian, who is also a sound engineer.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hi everyone,

We are proud to release for your listening our latest track: Lockjaw

Please give us some comments!! we very much appreciate them

more to come soon

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lucky 13!! and Tako is with us!!! ATTENDING IS MANDATORY :)

First we would like to draw your attention to the attached flyer ....yes its a party honoring the luckiest day known to mankind.
Friday the 13th. This is a continuation of a series of events at the fabulous JETLOUNGE in Amsterdam, brought to you by AUDIOPHILIA. This time around we are very happy to introduce a new addition to the family.

Matt "Tako" Jones


A regular DJ on the underground party scene for a long while now, along with his regular club slots, he has a tendency to play harder, faster, and longer, than the rest. Always the last one to leave a party, slamming funky bass lines, into dark beats, to create the "Evil Circus" sound he is known for.

Along with cohorts, DSL, and Simon Heartfield, they combine to make Phase 2. Resident DJ and also the Contracts Agent, and Artist Manager, Matt is working alongside the best in the business, with headliners for last year chosen from a list of Phase 2's top ten DJs, an enviable position for most promoters. Matt's passion for the music, and the scene, knows no bounds. A regular at all the best club nights up and down the land, from the Orbit, to Atomic Jam, to Lost, and back again, not to mention being brought into it all via Club UK, Sterns, Final Frontier, and Geushky. He is always keenly aware of his rock, hip-hop, and punk influences, and this is evident through his frenetic, energetic mixing style. A Festival Junkie, during the summer, to be found taking in all the smaller, underground parties, as well as the more commercial affairs. Always on the go, always making a noise, and always on the edge of a new sound.

....and of course our usual suspects QUARTZPEOPLE Synchronized with you, let them fly over your ears and BARTOSZ..
so if you are in Amsterdam make sure to pop in...IT IS FOR FREE...
good times.


Macbook hardrives uuuufff....

Dam it Mac computers! so it looks like all the '07 Macbook computers are having problems with their original hard drives or eventually will have. Oh well nothing is Perfect. I know at least 3 persons, including myself, that had the same problem. so if you own one of those Macbooks, I will give you a hint, if the computer has been working untill now, MAKE A BACKUP! other wise you will Finnish by being creative with your hard drive What really made my head boil was the fact that, apple does not have the courtesy to ask you if you want to restore files or even your original hard drive, because has they say, we have to give this one back to the factory to proove that it ws damaged, my question is: what about all my work? What about the possibility to take the hard drive to a technician, I found that it was impossible, and that if I would want to recover my hard drive I would have to pay a fee.... nothing is for free in this world, except QUARTZPEOPLE FIRST ALBUM :) eheh

Our Events and Music For Free....

Well lets put it this way, I would really appreciate if someone would actually start to give us some feedback about, how our tracks sound, some opinions, even if it is bad, of course as the title says, we will be giving away our music for free in Amsterdam @ The Jet Lounge in the 13th of February ( which is also one of our Events ) further than that we will be representing our music in the WMC (winter music Conference hosted in Miami), then we have more to come in March @ Amsterdam´s well known Winston Kingdom, with our UMBRELA Party.

Meanwhile you guys can check out our complete Album 44.1 Khz in here

and I will keep the Blog busy with more updates

thanks for viewing and listening to our music