Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Macbook hardrives uuuufff....

Dam it Mac computers! so it looks like all the '07 Macbook computers are having problems with their original hard drives or eventually will have. Oh well nothing is Perfect. I know at least 3 persons, including myself, that had the same problem. so if you own one of those Macbooks, I will give you a hint, if the computer has been working untill now, MAKE A BACKUP! other wise you will Finnish by being creative with your hard drive What really made my head boil was the fact that, apple does not have the courtesy to ask you if you want to restore files or even your original hard drive, because has they say, we have to give this one back to the factory to proove that it ws damaged, my question is: what about all my work? What about the possibility to take the hard drive to a technician, I found that it was impossible, and that if I would want to recover my hard drive I would have to pay a fee.... nothing is for free in this world, except QUARTZPEOPLE FIRST ALBUM :) eheh

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