Thursday, February 26, 2009


page with some really nice plug-ins

and some Home Recording tips from a friend of mine: Airway X (checkout is remix of our track Berlin)

Tip 0: Get an SM57! They're not that expensive and very versatile.
Tip 1: Get another SM57! A condenser will easily pick up your room's direct reflections. Bonus: no phantom power required, so you can use any preamp available. Even an old tape deck will do.
Tip 2: Get old matrasses (not the dirty ones) as anti-flutter echo devices.
Tip 3: Get 2 mic stands, a big one and a small one, so you can mic virtually anything.
Tip 4: If you own a laptop, record on that, so you can freely move through the building.
Tip 5: When recording an instrument, spend more time in (fine)tuning it than in micing it.
Tip 6: Build or get a pop screen.
Tip 7: Free plugins
Tip 8: Re-amp your drum recordings in a room and compress it. Mix it back in with the original drum recording.
Tip 9: Start your drum recordings with 2 or 3 mics: kick, overhead and maybe snare. Beef it up with some plate reverb and compress it!

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