Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello everyone!!!..The time is once again upon us:)....thats right its Release time!!!!!
We are happy to announce our next release Dualistic. This one is will also include a special track on there as well!!!!!

1st track on the EP is Red Light District...well the title says it all....the dark corners of the of the Red Light District sometimes illuminated by Red Lights set a certain mood that is represented in this track. Has a groovy beat and very hypnotizing vocals that will grab a hold of you.
Next is Machine go Green...everybody needs to wake up and stop polluting, a very green track, with glitchy voices and strange ambiences and for the bonus on this EP is End of the Year.. a progressive track that builds and builds all the way to the end...guranteed to move you around!!!

For all of you and for limited time you can preview the tracks on

...ok...and now for February!....We are very happy to announce the release of a dear friend and a great producer Alisio Delgado. ELectrical Signals is a great Techno EP. Both tracks, Electrical Signals and Impulses have been well received in various promo pools and on dance floors across Europe. You can stop by to get a preview of what's to come. Electrical SIgnals will RELEASED FEBRUARY 17TH/2010 at all of your favorite download sites.

Thank you all for the support and stay tuned for lots more music ....
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