Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Royal Flush QLR011

The original version of 'Need Your Love' from RTJ & Elina made a huge impression in June, finding its way into the DJ bags of a diverse spectrum of artists. The single merged classy subtleness with festival sized sounds and featured a captivating vocal from newcomer Elina. Now, Quartz Lock presents new versions for the mid-summer crowds that offer even more possibilities for this dance floor anthem. Remixes come from a new crop of rising talents including: Wesley Dysart, Eric M., Dub Mechanics, and Kash Trivedi.

Leading things off on the remix EP is Indian producer Kash Trivedi's massive 'Goa Sunset' remix. This track contains all of the magical moments that define a summer time hit and is a must. But as an added bonus, there is also a second remix from Trivedi. This version is much different - with a less intense groove than his previous remix and more of a focus on the ethereal elements of the original version. Los Angeles producer Dub Mechanics tries something completely different on his remix, a chunky peak hour techno dub with electro flourishes. The bass line is choice and the deeper elements scream after hours warehouse party for those who like to takes things a little darker and strip away the vocals. Atlanta producer and Steamtown Records owner Wesley Dysart gives the original a muted electro house rework that also includes a nice balance of pop and psychedelia that is highly original. South African producer Eric M. gets epic on the closer, with a huge sound system, peak hour remix. The vocals are isolated and the pauses dramatic, with a focus on the original's most progressive aspects. In the wrong hands this could be a disaster, but the hooks on here are memorable and the production crystal clear making this version a certified winner.

Royal Flush by Quartz Lock Records


  1. This pathway comprises all of the magical instants that characterise a summer time strike and is a must. But as an supplemented bonus, there is furthermore a second remix from Trivedi. This type is much different.
    Marc Gambello

  2. Great post and a great remix! Thanks for sharing!! :)