Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Here it is...our 3rd gathering at the infamous Winston Kingdom in Amsterdam. We are very happy to announce the return of Unwanted by Neighbours for the second time around. After their success at the last even it was clear that these guys will make a lot of noise in the future...an so it goes. On june 30th UBN will be happy to announce the release of their first album...as we get closer to the event..we will be revealing more info on this up and coming album. Meanwhile mark the calendars, arrange babysitters and make all necessary arranments for you to be there.
Also for your listening pleasure a young band out of Den Haag, Swimming Fishes...http://www.myspace.com/supportthefishes
So that takes care of the first part of the evening....we will continue with a list of your favorites. Matt Tako...once again back for more....this time Matt will grace us with 2 hour special DJ set. We also welcome a newcomer to the Umbrella Family...Alex Kanakis and of course yours truly..Quartzpeople.
More details coming soon....stay in sync!

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